A Fiction tale, of a woman learning to fight back in the face of harassment.

“Damn it.” Kelsey hissed in a low, muted tone as if someone might hear.

A great breath in, a short, massive exhale. Looking at herself in the mirror, she ran the brush through her hair…

Edvice and Jed got out of the truck and walked across the Walmart parking lot.

“So much for early bird gets the worm looks like the entire town beat us to it,” Jed said.

The line zigzagged back and forth a dozen times through guide ropes and poles into the…

This is the link to Part One, Darkness Falls, published in Total Fiction.

Edvice stood on the bank of the newly formed lake. It stretched across one hundred and seventy-five acres of what used to be farmland and the town of Richie. In a little valley community of farms called…

Saving Uncle Joe

“Mother flowers! Dog eaters!” George was pacing back and forth by the truck.

“How do you want to handle this George, there are six guys up there,” Jed said.

“I got to save Uncle Joe. …

It was a dark October evening all the campers were huddled in the common house which had rows of bunks on the second level and a balcony that looked down upon the dining area. …

Good morning, I hope this note finds you well.

Great news the online publication, Total Fiction, is growing.

We now have more than 50 followers and I just added the fourth contributing author, Patrick Smith, Patrick S. Smith.

Patricks fabulous Fantasy Fiction tale the Farmer introduces us to the Seeress. Please take a look at it.


Thank you and have an awesome day. Be sure to spread the word and join Total Fiction by subscribing.

T. Mark Mangum, Editor

A much-needed event in the world today

Jeremy Hershtein once read to me the words of Albert Einstein.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

Jeremy said, “These words echoed in my mind and haunted me…

When things go south

Not many of us had a backup plan. The power went out, no lights, heat, internet, tv, after a week or two when you could no longer purchase gas, you couldn’t charge your phone in your car anymore so no more phones. …

Thank you all for supporting me.

Good day, my friends. If you have not followed me very long I would like you to know that I have published 109 stories here on Medium. Most of my work is Flash Fiction or Microfiction. …

Maoules the Wizard

There was one thing Maoules could not abide, that was being underappreciated. The miserable band of grumpy adventurers had been together for seven years now by their own accounts. However, they had just suffered the loss of their Magic-User. They had hired Maoules on a “trial basis.”…

T. Mark Mangum

Imagination, wonder, thought, surprise, I love a good story, I hope you love reading my stories. Veteran, Father, TTRPG Game Junkie. tmarkmangum.com

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