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Glow the Ever Tree … Life eternal death does wait … Man cannot escape

From the writings of Clavius the philosopher and magician.

“Why must she die father? You are king, can’t you keep her from dying?”

“My daughter, there are some things not even a king can control. I am so sorry.”

“What of the Ever Tree? If it is real, couldn’t you have the knights of the realm seek its fruit for mother?”

“I fear my dear, this is just a fable for the young at bedtime.”

The king inquired of the…

The Planet Earth

Lina woke. She blinked her eyes. It was still evening, but the room was gently lit by the light of the full moon that shone through her window.

The moon floated big and bright in the night sky. Wide awake, Lina decided to lay there wrapped in the snuggles of her favorite blanket.

Flash Fiction with a request at the end.

Sally was a half-hour late, which I guess was a half-hour early by her standards. A young lady that operated on her own time and lived her life according to her own set of rules, which explains how she had lost more jobs than she had kept, Sally had always managed to get by. Nevertheless, she was a bit disturbed with herself this day because she wanted this Job. Freeform office setups, flexible work schedules, deadlines but no pressure, no mandatory overtime, and decent pay. …

Edvice and Jed got out of the truck and walked across the Walmart parking lot.

“So much for early bird gets the worm looks like the entire town beat us to it,” Jed said.

The line zigzagged back and forth a dozen times through guide ropes and poles into the parking lot.

“Why are we parking all the way over here?” Edvice asked.

“So no one scratches the paint,” Jed said.

“You don’t have to be a dick,” Edvice responded.

“I want to be able to leave quickly if we have to. See, look at that.” Jed said, pointing in…

I awoke to a pounding headache. My vision was blurry, I was thirsty, and a bit sick to my stomach. Apparently, I had fallen asleep on my side with my arm raised above my head so I was smelling my own unique body odor.

As my vision cleared, I rolled onto my back and stared up at the ceiling. I realized I was not looking at my ceiling. I tried, through the pounding, to recall where I was and how I had gotten here. …

MWC Work, MWC Space, MWC Death, MWC Reentry

Good morning all of my lovely friends, acquaintances, and fellow Authors. I just wanted to relay some information I have received.

On the 22nd of September 2021, I sent an inquiry to Medium through the HELP center, my inquiry is below.

If only, if only they were gold

Arriving back in the city, my partners and I head for the inn. We had been working in the wilds of the north country for a week. The Lord of Prancers Rock had seen Orc sign and advertised for adventurers to root the creatures out and take their heads. It was a small band Orc and required a short uneventful battle. Then came the unfulfilled promise, the pay would arrive the next day. I needed a bath. I desperately wanted hot water. I was a bit hungry for food and ale, and I knew that would bring the yearnings for…

Will Humanity Survive? The better question is, will Humanity choose to thrive.

I was inspired to write an article about the longevity of Humanity after reading Dr. Micho Kaku’s book, “The Future of the Mind.” I never published it. Partly because I got into a car accident and the Laptop Computer I was using at the time got destroyed. I didn’t do the backup thing back then. The article and Dr. Kaku’s book also inspired the beginning of a futurist Sci-Fi novel that I am still working on.

The Four Years of Trump Mania, the realization that my nation spent…

Four empty pill bottles sat on the desk in the dusty office, in the basement of the empty house, where the man known as dad had lived for Ninetyfive years.

The man named John cleaned up the messy office and moved slowly from room to room, remembering childhood in this place. It was a happy place till the woman known as Mom had passed. Then it became an infrequently visited place.

John thought, “Was that regret?

Then said out loud “Stop it, man; you did everything you could do from across the states to help the old man.”

Hours later…


I woke this morning as a newborn. I heard every word spoken to me and from one adult to the other. I understood what they were saying. I knew about a crib, the TV, and the music being played. I was hungry, I tried to ask for a burger, fries, and a coke, but my mother gave me the tit. Mothers milk as an infant, wow. Never tried it as an adult, so I can’t compare it to anything.

I listened to the news talking about war and inflation. I remembered who I was. James, I am James I said…

T. Mark Mangum

Imagination, wonder, thought, surprise, I love a good story, I hope you love reading my stories. Veteran, Father, TTRPG Game Junkie. tmarkmangum.com

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